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Arrive or Get in English – Podcast by ACES English

Arrive or get in English?

Today's podcast focuses on the question of whether to use arrive or get in English. Don't miss more topics by clicking on the link below this post!

What is up ACES Nation, welcome back to the podcast. I'm profwillybrasil and today we're going to talk about something that I talked about in the last video class that I put on YouTube.

It was lesson 46 of our course. You can check that out at and what we talked about was using get as a way to say arrive. It's very common for second language learners to use arrive always when they want to say that someone got somewhere. However, in everyday usage we use much more the verb get. When we talk about to arrive, we're talking about a situation where we're going to use the form a little bit more formally.

When we talk about get it's what we use in most everyday conversations, and the way that we use it is to say: to get here, to get there, or to get to somewhere. I'm going to get there at 5 o'clock, I'm going to arrive somewhere else. I'm going to get here means that I will return here, I will come back to the place where I am where I'm speaking, and I'm going to get to New York at 5 o'clock, (I will arrive at 5 o'clock in New York). So I hope that clears it up for you, another quick one today. Try and use get in the place of arrive.

One last important thing is that if you use only get without get here, geth there, or get to somewhere, it doesn't work. You must have the second part in order for get to mean arrive.

Thanks again for being here. Stay tuned for more podcasts here, and you can also check out our new blog on the site if you're a Portuguese speaker. Until next time I'm profwillybrasil keep studying and don't give up.

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